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Advertise your business on Google

google adwords campaign

Paid Search Marketing or Pay Per Click Advertising is an alternative way of attracting new customers through search engines.It is all about the targeted advertisement messages that appear on the right hand side(or top) of the search results, after the user types speicific keywords.

Paid Search Marketing is an auction-type kind of system-platform where the higher bidder has his advertisement appearing on the top.The company is charged only if someone clicks the ad, not when the ad is just displayed. 

Google with Google Adwords and Yahoo with Yahoo Search Marketing provide platforms for Paid Search Marketing.

We think that Google Adwords is the ideal Paid Search Campaigns, since 80% of searches made by greek users are through Google.Advertisement messages also appear on other web sites that wish to have google adwords displayed on their site.

Paid Search Marketing is probably the most common and cost effective way for on-line advertisement. Nowadays it is the fastest growing on-line advertisement system-platform.

The advantages of for your own company are:

  •     Attract more customers that look for products and services supplied by your company

  •    Target with specific messages a set-group of clients

  •    Total control of the ad fees

  •    Instant notification for the campaign results

  •    It is a much cheaper way of advertising products and services than all classic traditional ad costs


In a meeting with the client, our qualified partner is explaining all the advantages of Paid Search Marketing .Then an agreement must be reached regarding the following issues:

  •     Which is the group that the ad campaign will target

  •     Which specific products and services will be advertised

  •     The budget available

  •     Whether the customer is advertising the same products and services through alternatine channels

  •     Whether the campaign will focus on a national-regional or global level


Then an agreement must be reached regarding the time frame the ad campaign will commence.Our qualified employees will focus on the:

  • Composing the ad text messages that will appear once the campaign is active

  • Creating an account in Google Adwords and activating the platform

  • Thorough Keyword Research

  • Changing-enhancing the landing pages

  • Closely monitoring the campaign and the campaign results and refine keywords and strategies


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