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Email as a marketing tool

email marketing

What is e-mail marketing

E-mail marketing is a cost effective way of marketing.Email marketing is used to market-advertise products and services via e-mail to a small or large number of people.Many companies have incorporated e-mail martketing as a tool to reach out to their prospective clients and their partners.All results can be measured,since it is technically possible to find out which e-mails were opened and which links are clicked.

We are following certain steps in order to design-promote an e-mail marketing:

Liaising with the client
2) Design of the email templates and logos
3) Design of HTML email templates
4) Polls,send to a friend
5) Finding Contacts
6) Database cleansing and management including registration-unregistration
7) Automated answer management
8) Sending


Advantages of e
-mail marketing are:

  •     Very cost effective

  •    Quick response from recipients

  •    Personalised contact with the recipient of the message

  •    Automated format of the e-mail message depending on the recipients and the goals of the campaign

  •    Makes it much easier to brand a product and usually results in more traffic and rise in sales

  •    A very easy way of materialising a campaign with very little money and time

  •    Measurement of the reactions of the recipients


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