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Our company will register the domain name of your choice for you, after we check its availability.Domain name is the "name" of your web presence in the great world of the Web-Internet. We can register domain names with endings like:







The price for a single domain for a period of 2 years is 25 euros-including V.A.T

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Choosing a domain name is a pretty straight forward process, but before choosing our domain name we should keep in mind a few useful tips

  • Choose a simple domain name with few letters.
  • Choose a domain name which is easy for anyone to memorise and easy to type in a browser's url space.
  • For greek domain names it is always a good practice to choose domains that end with .gr or .com. Try to avoid endings like .org, .net, e.t.c.
  • Try to incorporate the main keyword that most people will search for your site, in your domain name e.g. or
  • Choose a domain name that is descriptive of your business e.g. It is clear we are talking about a web site regarding insurances.

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