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In this page you will find websites we have designed and implemented in the past. We have lots of experience in web site design and implementation on various fields.If you are happy with what you see you can contact us and speak with a trained member of our team.


Σεμιναρια.gr - Portal for seminars and workshops

This is one of the biggest portals in Greece providing useful information on seminars and workshops.Business executives can find seminars on Information technology,Negotiation,Leadership. One can use the portal to enrol in a particular seminar.

Url: http://www.σεμιναρια.gr 
Languages: Greek
Stelios Yiannikas- Website of YIANNIKAS Α.Ε.Β.Ε
This is the site of the company YIANNIKAS, which is a company that imports and supplies the Greek market with pastry of high quality.One can find various recipes which can be download. Also one can find a detailed presentation of all products and its description.
Url: http://www.yiannikas.gr/
Languages: Greek


Don Provolone- E-shop sellling t-shirts on-line
This site is an e-shop, where one can browse through various very cool t-shirts and after choosing the size and colour of his/her preference he/she can buy it through PayPal or by using his/her credit card.
Url: http://www.donprovolone.gr
Languages: Greek
Top-management-assistant -Portal for a Secretaries forum

This Portal was implemented in order to support a big event-forum that was held in Cyprus. This forum has content that is relevant to the top management assistants profession.One can find information for the forum, about the agenda and register for thie event.

Url: http://www.top-management-assistant.com/
Languages: Greek
WiFi Forum- Portal for WIFI & Sattelite Forum
WiFi forum is a forum that is held annually in Athens, Greece. The purpose of this forum is to highlight the new trends and technologies on the field.This portal supports this event.One can find the agenda of the forum, browse the speaker's cvs and can enrol on line.
Url: http://www.wifi-satcom.gr/
Languages: Greek


Secretaries Forum -Online Community Forum for Secretaries
This website is an online forum, that gives the chance to secretaries and top management assistants to express their views and ask questions.
Url: http://forum.secretaries.gr
Languages: Greek

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